Which ever month you were born in, will determine the type of anime you would live in.


January = Hentai

Febuary = Yuri

March = Sports

April = Horror

May = Supernatural

June = Harem

July = Yaoi

August = Sci-fi

September = Shoujo

October = Ecchi

November = Slice of life

December = Musical

Yaoi? I live in a Yaoi anime?

This will be hellova weird xD

Fuck it..

Why is it that my b-day is an unlucky time most of the time?

My internship just turned into free labor cause papers was apparently not signed by a person, whom now is on vacation… So I dont know if i will get any money  for the time ive done at all or if i will get any in the future.

To top this off i got rejected to get 75% activity compensation due to said internship… so i have to get around with 50%

So basically I have 50% from what people count as minimum living costs - wich sucks, big time..

I atleast have an apartment and such, but it becomes a rather big strain on me and Patches economics. I hoped I could for once just relax with money, but no :P

I have atleast started to take comissions, thou I feel it can drain alot of my energy since I both work on the days and stream long hours. ( cause i think its fun and im stupid ).

Problem is then… that i cant get the money to my account ( yet ) so i can only order stuff online - wich is kinda fine but lets say… I need to buy som gas for the car, or maybe need it for groceries.

Im so tired worrying all the time, I cant remember the last time i just went to the mall buying myself some clothes!

Man, I hate my life. Do I always have to worry about being screwed over by everything? I dont ask for ‘riches’ I only ask for ‘normal’.