So I made this video for youtube, but the situation as described in the video is pretty bad. I’m posting here to tumblr, too, to ask for help.

Summary of the video; After being strapped for money for years, the apartment complex raised our rent to renew, so we moved to find a better arrangement. The good news is, where we are now will be cheaper. The bad news is, it comes coupled with unexpected fees (thanks to misinformation from the apartment complex).

I hate asking for help, especially because I already feel like shit over this whole affair. But if you can help even a little bit, words cannot describe my gratitude.

The link I mention in the video is actually just to my main tumblr page, where my donate button is located. I understand if you can’t donate- times are difficult all around- but if you would still like to help me out, signal boosting this post would also be appreciated.

Thank you guys so much! <3

Reblogging for two reasons; One, for the night crowd.

Two, to thank everyone who’s been reblogging and signal boosting— I mean holy crap, I genuinely wasn’t expecting this much support! I’m sincerely blown away by everyone’s kindness. Thank you all so much!I’m sitting here, trying not to just break down completely, because I’ve already gotten over halfway to covering the cost of the fees incurred on us in just one day.

If I go over, it’ll go towards covering other bills that we’ve been neglecting in favor of rent, moving costs, fees, and other sudden expenditures. If it goes beyond that… I don’t know, I’ll probably die from the overload of kindness.

And probably find a way to genuinely make it up to people. Like redoubling my efforts into the projects I’m sitting on and trying to produce more. Heck, any suggestions on how I can compensate everyone are welcome, too!

Thank you so, so much. ;A;


Sameface Syndrome and other stories


In October of 2012, I was enrolled in one of my first serious animation classes, with a professor who I rather admired. I admired him so much, in fact, that I caught him outside of class time and asked him to review a few of my personal character designs. I was a very mediocre artist at that point (as opposed to now, where I’m a slightly less mediocre artist) and upon presenting my teacher with my designs, which were all intended to be different characters with different stories and different appearances, he barely had to scrutinize them before he delivered his verdict: “They all have the same face.”

And, I was dismayed to discover, he was right.


Since then, I have studied long and hard, so that my female characters may no longer have the Exact Same Face. Huh…female characters. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

A few months after this incident, the official character designs for Disney’s Frozen were leaked.


Up until then, all we had seen was concept art, which was so far removed from these that a lot of people thought they were faked, me among them. I seriously believed that someone with too much time on their hands had photomanipulated some screenshots of Rapunzel and tried to pass them off as the official Frozen designs. After all, there was no way that a major animation studio like Disney would knowingly, willfully produce three princesses with the Exact Same Face.

And again…princesses. Female characters. Exact Same Face. Something is amiss here.

Unfortunately, I overestimated Disney, and it was revealed that these were the real character designs indeed. Even though I will concede that, yes, there are some slight differences between the Frozen girls and Rapunzel, there are zero changes in the faces of Anna and Elsa. Zero. They have the same facial structure, the same eyes eyes, the same nose, the same mouth…and while we’re at it, the same body too, with the exception of Elsa being a little taller. The only differences are in skin tone and surface details, such as freckles and makeup (which, as I’ll cover in a moment, don’t fulfill even the most rudimentary basics of good character design — but we’ll get to that). So, how did this happen? How did a design mistake that would get you called out in a beginning animation class end up in a major Disney release?

In my opinion, the answer isn’t necessarily limited time, which was certainly a factor in Frozen, or laziness, or the fact that they’re all CG characters (sorry, 2D animation advocates, but lots of 3D girls do not look identical). To me, this speaks to a disturbing trend in Disney’s general approach towards designing female characters.

But first, some context…

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